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Saturday January 19, 2008

Dedicated in Honor of Lifetime Members Bob & Mary Ann Jackson

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Marked Catalog

Regular Classes Critique

Sweepstakes Critique

Fotos by Frank (Motto)
30.jpg (35237 bytes) BOB/BOW/WD: Lon-Du for the Love of Benji

Breeders: Arlon Duit & Bonnie DeBolt

Owner: Beverly Wilks

Judge: Terri Lyddon

32.jpg (52385 bytes) BOS/WB: Lon-Du Chargette at Lloyds

Breeders/Owners: Bonnie DeBolt & Arlon Duit

31.jpg (52912 bytes) Best in Sweepstakes: Lon-Du Chargette at Lloyds

Breeders/Owners: Bonnie DeBolt & Arlon Duit

Judge:                 Brenda Scheiblauer

(picture not available but you can see him on front cover of Orient Express, December '07) Best Opposite in Sweepstakes: H.T. Ping Bada Ling

Breeder/Owner: Deborah Thompson

26.jpg (35368 bytes) RWB & Best Puppy in Regular Classes: Royal's Sweeter Than Sugar

Breeders: Owner & Patricia Metzger

Owner: Sue Royer

25.jpg (41557 bytes) RWD & Best BBE: Lon-Du Clouds on Snow

Breeder/Owner: Arlon Duit

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The 4 dogs vying for WD were all bred by long-time NCIPC supporter, your friend and mine, the one, the only...ARLON DUIT!

From the left (all have the Lon-Du prefix): 6-9 puppy, Don Quixote; BBE, Clouds on Snow; Open, For the Love of Benji; 12-18, Shout it out for Prima.

Alrighty, girls...let us in on the joke!!