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Rescue Contacts for NCIPC

Effective April 25, 2008

Patty Metzger
14 Doe Ct., Wentzville, MO  63385


Julie Danielowski
(Rescue, Foster, PUR)
Byron, IL
H: 815-234-4048
W: 815-962-9980

Kristin Haggerty
(Foster, PUR within 50 mi)
Chicago, IL


Gayle Jasinski
(Rescuer-possible Foster & PUR)
Buffalo Grove, IL
Stephanie Landmeier
(PUR, temp Foster)
Elgin, IL
Joyce Lee
Peoria, IL
Corinne Niessner
(Rescue, PUR & Short-term Foster)
1622 N. Campbell
1st Floor,
Chicago, IL 60647

Joanne Warren
(Rescue, Foster, PUR)
Bourbonnais, IL


Snoop has been adopted!


This is Snoop. He's a six year old neutered male Peke. His previous owners bought a new puppy and simply didn't want him anymore and were going to take him to the animal shelter. This made us very sad. He is very sweet and loves to be with people. He was placed in a loving home for a trial run and our hope of it being a "forever home" was fulfilled! The family absolutely fell in love with Snoop. He is now as worshiped, pampered, and adored as every Peke thinks it should be.  He even has taken a serious liking to the family's pet rabbit and plays with it and protects it. What a happy life!